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About me

I grew up with my father being an author. So when I was little he often used to read for me and tell me stories. It inspired so much that when I was six years old I wrote my first book. Reading it now it is only a short story but to a six-year-old kid, it seemed like a book. I drew a picture for the front cover and my father helped me print out my story in a few copies. I went door to door around the neighborhood with my little book and sold it to people.

When I was thirteen my mother got a MacBook. It had iMovie and a webcam so suddenly I had a new way of telling stories. Equipped with the MacBook I started creating short films. A few years later I got my first iPhone. Which gave me yet another way of telling stories. Now through photography.  

I believe these things in my childhood are the reason for my passion for arts, design and why I like to be creative. I am also interested in science and technology and I have a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering from University of Iceland. Currently I am pursuing a Master's degree in Sports Product Design at University of Oregon. I hope to 

combine my passion for sports, engineering, and design and push the boundaries of sports product design and create the products of the future.

I also compete as a sprinter at the highest level in Iceland. I believe sports have taught me a lot about success and failure. It has also increased my mental toughness which I believe will help me in my pursuit as a designer and an engineer. 

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