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Anitar is short for Animal Intelligent Tag Reader and is a startup company that was founded in 2015. Anitar makes it possible in a simple and effective way to track and register companion animals, livestock and any product coming from a farmer, anywhere in the world.

The Problem

Today it is both time consuming and complicated to search through and register into any animal database around the world.

The Solution

With our solutions, we make it simple and easy to find and store information in any animal database around the world.

I became a part of the Anitar team in 2016.  Anitar had then already made the first prototype of the tag reader which you can see to the right. 

prototypes (1 of 1).jpg

When I started I became responsible for technical drawings and the design of the hardware for the Anitar tag reader. One of the problems I faced was the reading range of the first prototype. The microchips can be pretty deep under the skin especially on larger animals. So the antenna needed to be bigger but still, we wanted the tag reader to fit in your pocket. So I redesigned the reader, above you can see different stages until the final prototype and below is the CAD drawing and the antenna. 

anitar bullet (1 of 20) copy.jpg
anitar bullet (5 of 20) copy.jpg
anitar bullet (10 of 20) copy.jpg

I wanted the tag reader to resemble a bullet. So that shape became an inspiration for the design. The name of the tag reader then later got the name, Anitar Bullet.  

anitar bullet in use (20 of 21) copy.jpg
Bullet and app (1 of 1).jpg
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